Severe Mental Illness:
Free Physical Health Checks

The Barnet Wellbeing Service is encouraging people living with mental health conditions to have regular annual health checks provided by their GP.

It is recommended by NHS England that these health checks happen once every year as they  can reduce the risk of developing physical illnesses.   


We would like to invite you to book your physical health check.  


At a physical health check, the GP will:

  • Check your blood pressure.

  • Measure your height and weight.

  • Test your blood glucose for risk of diabetes.

  • Check your blood cholesterol levels.

  • And ask some questions about any smoking or alcohol habits.


Your physical health is just as important as your mental health.


We will be at various locations in Barnet to engage with the public, promoting the importance of this message - details of which will be published here and across our social media channels.  


Please email our Health and Wellbeing Manager Kolsum if you have any questions or would like to support this project in any way.