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Utility Support

Utilities Failure

In the event of utility failure, your service provider is responsible for re-establishing the network.


If you are suffering a power cut or any utility outage you should contact your service provider or local electricity distribution company.


The service providers have a wide range of alerts that inform them of any disruption in the network.


Find out the contact details for your local electricity distribution company here.


Helpful advice during a power cut can be found here.


Did you know you can pre-register with UK Power Networks for extra support in the event of a power cut if you are in a vulnerable category?


You will be eligible if you:

  • are dependent on medical equipment

  • are chronically sick, have a disability, elderly or are blind or visually impaired

  • have a young baby

  • live in a nursing or residential home or have any other condition you think UK Power Networks should consider


Register for priority services in the event of a power cut here.

Registering for Priority Services for Water

Thames Water offers a free Priority Service to customers who find themselves in vulnerable circumstances.


By registering for this service Thames Water aim to provide free support in the unlikely event you have no water, by prioritising the most vulnerable first.


Find out more information about Thames Water priority service here.

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