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Wellbeing Café

What is it?

The Wellbeing Café is run by the Barnet Wellbeing Hub and hosted at The Meritage Centre. It is a warm, welcoming space for the community where people can relax, feel comfortable and confident in sharing their story, and learning together. The Wellbeing Café is now run fortnightly and is an opportunity to socialise and meet new people, learn about new activities, and enjoy taster sessions and various wellbeing activities. This service is delivered by Meridian Wellbeing. 

How can it help me?

Everyone is welcome at the Wellbeing Café and you can join in for as much or as little as you feel comfortable. As a safe environment, it helps you to build your confidence in meeting others, socialising and potentially making new friends.  


With the programme of wellbeing exercises and activities, you’ll get the opportunity to discover more about what others have enjoyed and taken part in. 

How can I access it?

The Wellbeing Café is free for anyone to join and you can just turn up! 


To complete a self-referral, please click here. 

If you are a health professional and looking to connect someone, please click here. 

You can access the wellbeing café through the wellbeing Hub

For self-referral, please click here.

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Contact The Wellbeing Hub: 03333 449 088 |

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