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Sometimes it can be useful to hear and learn and understand the personal experiences of others. We have looked across the internet to find you a range of blogs that we hope you will enjoy. 

The Wellbeing Service does not endorse any particular digital service, including those listed on this page. This is due to the fast-moving nature of digital services, which means it's not possible to provide a complete list of online tools, sites, and apps. It is your responsibility to decide whether the service you are considering using is appropriate for you.


A Life In Breakdown -  This is a personal journey with tools she’s discovered to improve her mental health. Life In A Break Down has helpful advice for anyone struggling, from tips on breaking bad habits and embracing positivity to the best ways to deal with chronic pain. Sarah also shares her own experience and relationship with debt and has plenty of handy money-saving tips that can help with any money worries that may be adding to mental health issues.

Be Ur Own Light - Raises awareness about living with bipolar disorder. Diagnosed at 16, Eleanor has lived with bipolar and uses Be Ur Own Light to show that you can live a happy and fulfilling life, combating the stigma often associated with this illness and increasing mental health understanding overall. Be Ur Own Light documents Eleanor’s journey and struggles with mental health, posting about the accessibility to treatments on the NHS and inviting guest bloggers to share their stories of overcoming anxiety and stress.

Cara’s Corner -  Cara, a mental health nurse, wanted to create a place where she could share her own personal experience with mental illness and encourage people to share their stories. Since 2017, Cara’s Corner has posted a variety of articles from Cara and guest bloggers. Keen shows more to her than her diagnosis; topics covered range from discussing what depression can feel like to recognising Cara’s travel recommendations.

Mike’s Open Journal - this blog started to share his experience with mental illness because he wanted an outlet and found it therapeutic. Mike is passionate about encouraging people to talk about mental health and has started his own podcast. He has guests join him to discuss everything from relationships to mental health in education. Mike’s Open Journal recognises the work of other mental health bloggers, including guest posts and running its own awards.

Mind - have listed their top 5 Blogs for 2019. 

Psychreg - enters our mental health blog ranking for the first time with their blog focusing on psychology and providing readers with access to an open-access journal. Founded by Dennis Relojo-Howell in 2014, Psychreg is one of the leading online resources for psychology, mental health, and well-being, listing useful articles and research papers to improve your mental wellbeing. Psychreg even has its own podcast, ‘The Mental Breakdown, ’ which covers a range of topics from adult ADHD to raising mentally strong kids.

The Looneychick Blog - Started by Vicky Williams to share articles and tips on mental health. The Looneychick Blog journals Vicky’s ups and downs. She shares her experiences in honest posts, offering readers advice on several issues and dealing with bereavement to tips on staying positive in the darker times. Vicky is based in Cornwall.

The Mental Elf -  A blog that aims to keep readers up-to-date with the latest developments and news in mental health. The Mental Elf now has its own podcast, covering a range of topics from how mental health affects mental health professionals' future digital mental health.

The Mental Health Foundation - This is the Mental Health Foundation's official blog, a UK charity that aims to help improve mental health for all. The Mental Health Foundation Blog has a selection of guest bloggers who regularly post their advice and experience of dealing with a range of mental health issues, from feeling the impact of Brexit anxiety to the pressures faced by young people. Accessible to readers of all ages and walks of life, the Mental Health Foundation Blog provides a vital service, offering advice and tips for coping with mental health problems.

Thoughts On Life And Love  - This was created by a licensed therapist who started her blog to share the lessons she’s learned both personally and professionally. Thoughts On Life And Love offers useful advice for managing mental health in various situations, from dating to finding the ideal work-life balance. A trained cognitive behavioural therapist, Mandy shares techniques for readers to help with their mental health, whether it’s discovering the power of a smile or understanding the benefits of yoga.

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