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Autism Screening

What is it? 

Barnet Mencap provides the Autism Service to help identify autism conditions and provide peer support, social groups, workshops, and training for staff. Well coordinated support is vital for people to access a diagnosis of autism, and timely, specialist help.


How can it help me? 

The screening is the first step in the NHS pathway if you want to receive a formal diagnosis of Autism in Barnet.

If you are diagnosed as autistic, Barnet Mencap’s Autism Service can support you in different ways including:

Autism Training/ Peer support group/ Peer support group for family and carers of adults/ Autism diagnosis informative sessions/ Outreach and drop-in/ Mentoring/ Autism specific advisory service. 


How do I access it?

You can be referred to the Autism Service for screening by your GP, another professional, or yourself.

For more information and the referral form to the Autism Service please click here


Contact Barnet Mencap: 020 8349 3842 | |

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