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Peer Support

What is it?

Peer Support is where people with lived experience of mental health or learning disabilities offer support to other people built on shared experiences and empathy. This support could be emotional or practical. 

The Barnet Wellbeing Service is delivered using social prescribing principles, offering practical support for managing your mental health and wellbeing concerns holistically. 

How can it help me?

Peers make choices about what parts of their personal experiences they talk about, seek support for, and use to support other people. It provides a safe space where you feel accepted and understood and it brings you together with people who share the same experiences as you so you can support each other.


It aims to:

  • Bring together people with shared experiences to support each other

  • Provides a safe space where you feel accepted and understood

  • Treat everyone’s experiences as being equally important

  • It involves both giving and receiving support

How do I access this service?

Barnet Wellbeing Service offers peer support through different partners, including Meridian Wellbeing, Inclusion Barnet, Mind in Barnet, and Barnet Mencap. It enables the service to refer users to local and non-clinical services, supporting their mental health and wellbeing holistically. Access to peer support is done through the Barnet Wellbeing Hub. 

Through the Hub 

Please fill out the relevant referral form

Once you have completed your form, please return it to 

Contact The Wellbeing Hub 03333 449 088 

Meridian Wellbeing

Meridian Wellbeing delivers a  Peer Support Project that offers a safe and welcoming space where everyone is treated equally and everyone’s experience is treated as equally important. It is about providing personalised support for those who have been affected by the isolation of lockdown.



020 7613 1008 | Email:  |


Provides a peer support group for partners, families, and carers of adults with autism



020 8349 3842 | |


Andy's Man Club

In the UK suicide is the leading cause of death in men under the age of 49.  This was originally set up by Luke Ambler after his brother took his own life. What started as one group in Halifax in 2016, has now extended to 100 clubs nationwide. Andy's Man Club meets every Monday at 7 PM at The Meritage Centre.

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