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Barnet Wellbeing Hub

If you feel a little unsure about yourself or struggling with something, our friendly navigators are on hand to take some time out to understand what you are dealing with and find a way to help. 

The navigators will ask you to share some information about yourself, and they call it an emotional health check, which will be confidential and kept securely; they will work to prioritise what you want to do, how, and when.  This may involve being referred to other services or community groups, receiving wellbeing support, or, if need be, accessing talking therapies from one of our range of excellent community providers. This service is provided by Meridian Wellbeing. 


We accept referrals from individuals, their families, community organisations, and health and care professionals. The Hub is currently closed to visitors due to the pandemic. However, they are still operating a full range of services. 

The Barnet Wellbeing Hub is the single point of access to mental health Social Prescribing, acting as the gateway for individual to access services and activities in the community to improve their wellbeing. The service is provided by Meridian Wellbeing. 


Upon contacting us, we will conduct an Emotional Health Check, similar to a physical check you may have with your GP, this is an emotional ‘M.O.T’. This will help you identify services and activities that can benefit you. Your navigator will help you to ascertain your goals and needs, and employ a person-centred and tailored, social prescribing to inform and encourage you to access the appropriate services. Your navigator will aim to empower you to give you the options to make your own wellbeing choices and formulate your personal wellbeing plan. 

The service is provided by Meridian Wellbeing. 

How can the hub help me?

The hub will support you directly, or they may refer you to any number of services or activities throughout Barnet; examples of those services are listed below. 

How can I access it?

You can book by speaking with a navigator over the phone or via email. We accept self-referrals and referrals from professionals supporting you.


For self-referral, please click here.

For an agency referral, please click here.


Contact The Wellbeing Hub: 03333 449 088 | 



Arts & Crafts


Employment Support


Financial & Welfare Advice

Gardening & Growing

Information & Advice

Peer Support

Social Clubs

Social Prescribing 

Talking Therapies


and so much more...including the wellbeing cafe!

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