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Yoga with Barnet Yoga Circle

Join Thierry, from the Barnet Yoga Circle for 45-minute, beginners Yoga classes.

Thierry is our yoga instructor, he has 25 years of experience and is passionate about

helping others maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Barnet Wellbeing Service has been working in partnership with Barnet Yoga Circle on Zoom

from August 2020 to run HATHA Yoga Classes.


These videos are designed for beginners. The sessions are slow-paced with easy to follow instructions. Having said that, the poses are demonstrated by Thierry in their true form - this is to help the students understand the end result. Students who are watching these videos are encouraged to work within their own comfort zone and understand that progression will happen over time.


Week 1 tutorial.

Week 2 tutorial.

Week 3 tutorial.

Week 4 tutorial.

Week 5 tutorial.

Week 6 tutorial.

Week 7 tutorial, part 1

Week 7 tutorial, part 2

Week 8 tutorial, part 1

Week 8 tutorial, part 2

Week 9 tutorial

Week 11 tutorial

Week 10 tutorial

Week 12 tutorial

Week 13 tutorial

Week 14 tutorial

Week 15 tutorial

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