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Severe Mental Illness (SMI) Programme

What is it?

It has been suggested that Physical health problems significantly increase the risk of developing poor mental health, take the steps to look after yourself and step into the year with a healthier you. CB Plus is working with the GP Federation to encourage the uptake of free physical health checks. This can be booked via your GP, for support with booking, contact

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How can it help me?

A comprehensive physical health check will be carried out by a clinician, offering a safe space for discussions around lifestyle, health and wellbeing concerns. Appointments will be considerably longer than a standard GP appointment slot to enable the time needed to work with you with the goal of keeping the patient safe and healthy.

During a health check patients may be signposted to other primary care or community resources to support your health and wellbeing. Looking after your physical health can help you maintain good mental health.

How can I access it?

These can be booked through contacting your GP. For support with booking, contact

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