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Emotional health is an important part of your overall health and helps you to cope with life's challenges. As the world around us continues to change we need to take positive steps to protect our mental health and wellbeing, just as we do with our physical health. You will have seen that we have put a raft of options on this site including, apps, blogs, contacts, and information and we hope that you find them interesting and helpful? 

Local help and information are available at:


The Wellbeing Hub - currently open for telephone sessions between 10-3 Monday to Friday.

03333 449 088 | email

The Barnet Wellbeing Service is a starting point that can connect you with the services you need. Through an Emotional Health Check, a “Wellbeing MOT”, we help you to identify personal goals, and help you to create your own personal Wellbeing Plan.


Good Thinking 

Good Thinking is designed for anyone living or working in London. So far over 220,000 Londoners have used Good Thinking to tackle sleep deprivationanxiety, stress, and depression. It’s free for Londoners thanks to London’s NHS, London’s borough councils, and Public Health England. Visit the Good Thinking website here


The Help Hub 

If you have found yourself on your own and feeling isolated and fearful - we are here to help. We are a group of qualified therapists who are giving our time freely to help people in your situation. If you would like a 20-minute chat on Skype, Face Time or on the telephone, you will be able to book a session with them through their calendar and they will contact you at the relevant time. The Help Hub

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