Befriending in Barnet

Services from Wellbeing Partners

The following organisation is part of the integrated Wellbeing Sevice in Barnet and offers a befriending service. 


Barnet Friends


What is it?

Barnet Friends is a telephone befriending service for adults from 18 to 55 who may be experiencing isolation or loneliness.

How can it help me?

Vetted volunteer befrienders are matched to an individual to provide companionship and emotional support and give information on a range of activities and services that can help to increase confidence and sociability including reducing isolation; access to the local community; using public transport; increasing hobbies and interests and accessing other means of support

How do I access it?

Barnet Friends is for those who:

  •  are aged 18-55 and live, work or study in Barnet

  •  need some form of emotional support or simply want someone to talk to

  •  would like to improve their confidence or learn about new skills or services

The service can support those with or without a diagnosed mental health condition.

Contact details: 020 8016 0016 | |

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Wider befriending services available in Barnet

The following organisations offer a great range of wellbeing services in Barnet and although not directly commissioned through the wellbeing service they offer really valuable and speacilsed support. 


The Befriending Service


What is it?

The Befriending Service is for Barnet residents, aged 55 and over, lonely and isolated due to frailty or physical disability. Age UK Barnet carefully matches vetted volunteers with Barnet residents. Relationships normally involve regular home visits for a chat and a laugh.

How can it help me?

They carefully match vetted volunteers with Barnet residents. Relationships normally involve regular home visits for a chat and a laugh.  Some matches may also involve outings to shops or parks, help with paperwork, and modern technology. The befriending service has adapted to the Covid crisis. It has established an additional Telephone Pal service whereby most volunteer/client interaction is via telephone or online. There is more emphasis on enabling people to find information and safe social outlets. 

How do I access it?

If you or someone you know is interested in the Befriending Service, please email or call on 020 8432 1416. You will be sent an information pack and a referral form

Contact details: 020 8432 1416|

More Befriending Services and in Barnet

There are a number of Befriending services in Barnet specialising in different age groups, needs and health conditions of residents. Both Barnet Friends and the Age UK Befriending service will guide clients to a more suitable service if appropriate, but referrals can also be made directly with these services.

Age UK have an up-to-date breakdown of most of these services on their Befriending page