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Living Kidney Donation Project

Did you know a third of those waiting for a kidney transplant are from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities?


Those from Black and Asian communities have a higher likelihood of developing conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure - resulting in a needed transplant. 


Many people waiting for transplants are best suited to donors from the same ethnic background. 


Donations from Black or Asian communities who have died are not enough to meet the current demand. 


Therefore, we have partnered with the NHS Blood and Transplant to engage with local Black and Asian communities to encourage more Living Kidney donors. 


Our three main objectives for this project are:


1. Produce empowering, accurate and culturally sensitive information and communications to increase awareness and commitment to kidney donation registrations through partnering with local community organisations. 


2. Deliver community engagement activities to facilitate discussions and address concerns about Living Kidney with new and interested participants – we have a tried and tested method through our work that looked into increasing the number of Black Blood donors last year. You can read all about it here.


3. Deliver in-depth conversations enabling people to review their values and attitude about live kidney donation.  


We will be promoting all future engagement events here and across our channels, so keep an eye out.


For more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with our Health Wellbeing Manager Rosie -