Cancer Awareness in Barnet

In May, a new local campaign launched in Barnet to encourage individuals who have symptoms that may be suggestive of cancer to contact their GP practice. Delivered by the North Central London Cancer Alliance in collaboration with the NCL Clinical Commissioning Group and council Public Health team, the campaign will also aim to increase the number of people taking part in screening when invited.
If you have any of the following symptoms:

· Unexpected bleeding, like blood in your poo, pee or spit
· Unexplained lump
· Unexplained pain that lasts three weeks or more
· Persistent cough that lasts three weeks or more
· Unexplained weight loss

You should contact your GP practice to arrange a check. 
It may be nothing serious – in fact more than 9 out of 10 people are not diagnosed with cancer.
However, finding cancer early makes it more treatable. 

That’s why it’s also important to take part in routine cancer screening when invited.
The way you make an appointment may have changed, but your GP practice is open for check-ups and screenings and healthcare professionals are available to see you safely.

Cancer Awareness event

Community Barnet and Barnet Mencap are hosting a public

engagement event focusing on Cancer Awareness on Wednesday

21st July at 2.30pm for 80- 90 minutes.


We will be joined by health professionals from Barnet and North

Central London to discuss the importance of cancer awareness

and screening but also to discuss and hear from the public about

their concerns, questions or anxieties around cancer, screening and

accessing their GP and the NHS currently.


Public meeting; all welcome.

When 2.30pm to 4pm

Where: Online, Zoom;

We will be joined by a range of health professionals to hear about:
• Cancer awareness in Barnet and North Central London
• What to look out for and what to do next
• Importance of cancer screening
• Addressing concerns about accessing our GP
• New wellbeing and health messages as we leave lockdown
and a: Question and Answer session- 
We want to hear from you!

Contact: for more information

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