Barnet Young People Thrive

What is it?

BYPT offers two services, wellbeing webinars to Middlesex University students and mental health support services to young people aged 16-25 years transitioning to adulthood as part of the Barnet Wellbeing Service.

Middlesex University - BYPT deliver interactive virtual webinars on a range of topics to help students manage their emotional health and wellbeing. These 60-minute themed webinars aim to help students understand how their mental health can be impacted during this Covid-19 pandemic, recognise common signs and symptoms and learn ways to cope and build resilience.


Barnet 16- 25 offers mental health support for young people aged 18-25 years who struggle with poor mental health associated with mild to moderate anxiety disorders but do not meet the adult services' threshold.  

How can it help me?

The workshops and 121 sessions provide a time and space to talk about concerns you may be going through. This space will be confidential and non-judgmental

  • CBT based 1-2-1 therapy sessions 

  • Group psychoeducation sessions, and  

  • One-off themed facilitator-led confidential wellbeing webinars;  to support common mental health problems such as anxiety, low mood, isolation, worry, stress, plus self-care.  

  • A listening ear and signposting to appropriate services 

How do I access it?

A GP, an agency can refer you, or you can self-refer using this form 

0208 364 8400 |email   | 

New dates released for Barnet Young People Thrive webinars

Low mood

August - Thursday 18th | Tuesday 30th

September - Sunday 12th | Thursday 23rd

October - Tuesday 5th | Sunday 17th |Thursday 28th



August - Sunday 22nd

September Thursday 2nd | Tuesday 14th | Sunday 26th

October - Thursday 7th | Tuesday 19th | Sunday 31st


Social Anxiety

August - Thursday 12th | Tuesday 24th

September - Sunday 5th | Thursday 16th | Tuesday 28th

October - Sunday 10th | Thursday 21st


Dealing with Procrastination

August - Sunday 15th | Thursday 26th

September - Tuesday 7th | Sunday 19th | Thursday 30th

October - Tuesday 12th, Sunday 24th


Worry Management

August - Tuesday 16th |Sunday 29th

September - Thursday 9th | Tuesday 21st

October - Sunday 3rd | Thursday 14th | Tuesday 26th

If you would like to attend any of these webinars you will need to register. The following link will take you to CommUNITY Barnet's website, where you will need to complete a strictly private and confidential registration form. Please click here