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Set Yourself a Wellness Challenge

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

With the merry month of May just a couple of weeks away, why not set yourself a wellness challenge for the month? If you are the competitive type, invite a family member, friend or work colleague to take part.

It can be a promise to yourself to do one wellness or fitness challenge a day for the whole month. Keep it simple and achievable, here are a few examples of challenges you could try.

  • a dairy free day

  • no processed food

  • complete 15,000 steps in a day

  • send a gift to someone you know

  • ;earn a new hobby

  • leave a bunch of flowers at a neighbour's door as a secret surprise

  • have a meat free day

  • try a smoothie

  • read a wellness blog

  • take 30 minutes out of your say, just for you

  • try an online class

  • support a local cause

  • get in touch with an old friend

  • try a fruit or a vegetable you haven't eaten before

  • bake

  • plant some sunflowers

  • Borrow a dog and go for a long walk

  • Start reading again

  • have a social media free day

  • watch your favourite movie

Let us know on social media if you tried this and how you got on.

Good luck

The Barnet Wellbeing Team

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