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I finally felt listened to and understood

Case Study D 'D' was able to manage his wellbeing and was assisted by his GP to improve his condition. Seeking asylum, ‘D’ arrived in the UK from Afghanistan in 2017 and came to the Hub with PTSD from previous experiences of torture. ‘D’ said he regularly experienced traumatic flashbacks. He was having thoughts that he would be better off dead and had thought about “cutting his throat” prior to coming to the hub. ‘D’ had a wife and son in Afghanistan which was a factor preventing him from harming himself. He had never shared his feelings with any professionals before, not even his GP. The navigator contacted ‘D’s GP, who offered ‘D’ an appointment the following morning as an urgent case and prescribed different medication to help him manage his symptoms. ‘D’ said he was pleased with the outcome and expressed his gratitude to the Wellbeing Hub. He finally felt listened to and understood, and said that the Hub had been vital in improving his wellbeing.

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