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Powerful & positive impact on my life

A service user who took part in our Online Wellbeing Programme said it had a powerful and positive impact on her life.

“I’m 44 years old, and I live in Friern Barnet N11. On 8th March 2018, I saw my GP. At this time, I was diagnosed and treated for general anxiety, but my health declined into depression. I mentioned that I couldn’t find any community support for my current mental health condition. Dr. Gadelrab told me that there was progress in this area with two new services: the Barnet Wellbeing Hub and the Link Worker Team.

I chose the Barnet Wellbeing Hub’s Online Wellbeing Programme, as it was accessible from home. I signed up for a webinar called Mood Boost and logged onto the webinar each week for 6 weeks. Although my concentration was compromised, I am grateful for the content that I took away from this course. I strongly resonated with the tools which I still use to this day.

The Mood Boost webinar helped me to do the things that I “wanted to be seen doing more of.” I have two children, and I wanted to be more “present” for them. I was able to push myself to go out with my kids at the weekend, if only for a walk and coffee/cake. I remember finding it difficult and painful, but I also remember feeling that it was worth it.

I recovered from depression in late June 2018. The Mood Boost webinar was informative, interactive, and easy to use. It felt good to be interacting within a group – knowing we were “all in it together” – no judgment. I appreciated the polls and the Q&A function.

These webinars gave me hope and manageable tools to help myself.

Thank you

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