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The Hub helped me to be as happy

Case Study B B, a young woman, came to the Barnet Wellbeing Hub in a highly anxious state. After working with a navigator, B said, “I came here so unwell and the Wellbeing Hub helped me to improve and be as happy as I am now.” When she presented to the Wellbeing Hub in a desperate, highly distressed state. She had a physical disability, which she has had since birth, that affected her mobility. She was a victim of domestic violence and rape, and this had led to her attempting suicide through an overdose in the past. She shared that she had suicidal thoughts and had a plan to end her life rather than face her issues. Once her GP was informed and the appropriate crisis service details were shared, and an Emotional Health Check was conducted, and information regarding potential services that could help ‘B’ was provided.

Several months later ‘B’ returned to the Wellbeing Hub and shared that her engagement with the Hub had made her feel empowered. She did not feel judged and felt that the concerns she raised were listened to.

‘B’ now has a strong desire to volunteer in the future to stay active, take up studies, and support women who have experienced similar situations to her own.

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