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The Hub built my confidence & self-esteem

Case Study A ‘A’ presented at the Hub with very low self-esteem and social anxiety. During the Emotional Health Check with a navigator, ‘A’ shared that she was feeling suicidal, that she thought she would be better off dead, and there was no point in carrying on. The navigator contacted ‘A’s GP and informed them of the situation, and the GP acted immediately to offer ‘A’ an appointment on the same day. ‘A’ returned to the Wellbeing Hub after seeing her GP and said she felt more stable. She was signposted to the Wellbeing Workshops to learn more about common factors affecting wellbeing and to build up her confidence to share with others who may have experienced similar symptoms. ‘A’ has recently registered for a life coaching course on building confidence and self-esteem to look into volunteering opportunities before finding part-time employment.

'A had felt isolated and depressed but through the hub was able to build her confidence and self-esteem.

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