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Making Time For - You

Managing worry.

You have the answers within yourself, often when we feel stressed we turn to others for the answer which can often add to our confusion or sense of being “stuck”. Next time you feel overwhelmed, pause and write a list of what is worrying you. Then highlight or underline the biggest worry from the list. Take this worry and on a new piece of paper ask yourself how likely this worry is to happen out of 100%, then ask yourself out of 100% how likely do you feel about to control what happens. Now think about what is within your control. Write a list of actions for yourself that might help you work on or change the things that are within your control.

Practice Patience.

Often when we feel low or burnt out we choose to avoid things that we think will leave us feeling worse. Next time this happens, find a quiet space to calmly reflect on what is happening – what can you learn, what would you like to happen?

Make room for your hopes and dreams.

Life can be busy and there can often be little room for things that make you feel like a

complete person, totally fulfilled and happy. Take time to plan goals – this year, next 2-5 years, next 10 years. Set a few and think about what might help you work towards them e.g. volunteering, new hobbies, education, re-training, travelling, or something else. Be brave, and take risks – you might just surprise yourself.

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